Coaches are like catalysts — present to support transformations

Liz Blumenthal, M.Ed.,

Certified Empowerment  Coach

Working with women in transition who want to take charge of their lives and hear themselves think.

Coach Liz BlumenthalLiz Blumenthal was trained by the Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching (IPEC).

Liz teaches courses in Retirement, Exploring Life Options, and Creating Your Life.  "You're on Your Own, So Own Your Life "(from victim to victor). Right now she teaches people with changed life circumstances to find their ideal career or hobby and realize their ideals through measurable success.

Liz received a BA from Smith College (1960) in religion and sociology and a M.Ed. at Boston University (1966) with training and teaching at Perkins School for the Blind. Liz received an AAUW (American Association University Women) Outstanding Leader Award as Membership Chairman of her branch.

The depth of her experience and knowledge makes her a powerful teacher and consultant. She has been a trainer and coach for over thirty years of teaching and consulting in state and local, public and private public schools in Maine and Massachusetts. She taught regular and special classes and worked with parents of children with learning disabilities and problems of low vision. She also worked in hospitals and real estate.

Coaching has moved her to improved health, relationships, weight loss, changed career, and an energetic joyful life.

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